The word LAZULI comes from a very strong blue colour, which is the colour of a semi-precious stone known as lapis lazuli. Later this word also gave origin to the word Azulejo.

The tile and its historical richness in Portuguese culture, is the starting point for the inspiration of the models of our brand. These decorative elements give personality and make our shoes unique.

Therefore the choice of the name was simple, for all its association with the tile and its colour. Besides it is a short name, easy to pronounce, read, write and memorize.

The LAZULI brand was launched in 2014. In the first collections, we bet on a wide variety of models and the concept of tiles was quite visible in the models. With the evolution of the brand the reinterpretation of the tiles started to be identified in a more subtle way.

In 2019, with the growth in global awareness about environmental issues and greater knowledge of our customers, we began to incorporate into the collection some Vegan models. Since 2020 none of the collections use any material with animal origin and we seek to increase the use of sustainable solutions.

The presentation of the collections has also changed. Now we only do punctual launches, keeping timeless models available throughout the year.

All our models are 100% made in Portugal. The vast majority are produced in our factory in Santa Maria da Feira and sometimes we use partners, always Portuguese and almost always within a radius of 30 km.

By being located in the area of Portugal with the greatest tradition in footwear, we can ensure that our shoes are made by experienced craftsmen and have the assurance of constant quality.

At the moment, LAZULI is a friend company of the National Tile Museum. This means that we contribute with an annual fee to help the museum in its activities of preservation and promotion of the tile.


Yes, since 2020 all LAZULI models are 100% made from vegan materials.

In addition, we have been looking for material solutions with more sustainable production methods. 

We do not use any material of animal origin.

Take advantage of what nature gives us and reuse it, recycling whenever possible, is our daily challenge in search of sustainable products, with quality, durability and fair prices. The ecological footprint of our products is also low, since most of our suppliers are our "neighbours".

The materials we use include cotton, recycled cotton, bamboo, natural rubber, cannabis, cellulose, cereals, cork, palm leaves, organic jute, wood, sustainable microfibre, recycled paper, recycled plastic, silk, apple skin fabric and pineapple fibre fabric.

You can find out more about each of these materials in our materials page.

Todos os nossos modelos de adulto estão disponíveis do 35 ao 40 (tamanho europeu). Os modelos myTENNIS têm uma versão de criança que está disponível do 22 ao 32.


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